About Us

Sincerely Candles are for conscious shoppers. Formulated with a coconut soy wax blend, they are scented with only quality, top-of-the-line oils. Natural dye adds color to the candles helping them become an emblem of their essence as a part of your home decor, practice, or celebration. They are complete with 100% cotton wick in a sturdy and decorative vessel. You can relax knowing you have a high quality and long-lasting candle made with love and care.

Woman-owned and operated, Sincerely Candle Co is a North Carolina business helping the family maintain self-sufficiency and work towards their homestead to practice sustainable living with permaculture design of property and spirit alike. All vessels chosen for candles are done so while keeping reuse in mind. With clean candle ingredients, it's safe to clean out your candle container and reuse it to your liking. As a homeschool family, we also value youth education, specifically that of teenagers. That's why 10% of every candle sold in 2024 is going toward the start up of Young Creators Nonprofit with intentions to provide free hands-on creative experiences to the youth. ​​

Kimberly's Story

I’ve had a deep appreciation for candles since I was a kid. There is something special about the soothing and relaxing feeling I get when I burn them. Each time I burn a candle, I’m reminded of the internal flame of peace that is always accessible by reverence. I spent many school-aged years lighting the candles at church every Sunday. In my adult years, I use candles for various moments, practices, and celebrations.

My curiosity and some hand-me-down equipment led me to experiment with making them in 2001. I was very intrigued by the many different types of candles I learned to make. My mother’s kitchen became my little laboratory, and the ancient art of candle making became my hobby. 

The family would help me create a better candle with encouraging words and constructive criticism. My sister would tell me that they were good enough to sell and that I could give that a try. She shared them with some ladies at work and had a couple of people using my candles in no time. I followed her example and did the same thing at my job. It worked. This was the beginning of my candle business.
Over the years I ran it as a hobby, learning through experience and making many mistakes. I created my first candle collection, The Dixie Lane Signature Collection using all-natural, quality ingredients. All of these scents are country-inspired; a homage to my childhood experience of being a New York transplant attempting to embrace a new culture. This collection expresses a found love for The South! 

Pop-up markets have been my absolute favorite part about this business from the beginning! Although, there were times that I had the gumption to take my hobby a bit more seriously when I ran the candle shops in Downtown Asheboro at different locations.

​Finally, in 2019, I started Sincerely Candles & Company, LLC and committed to running this business for good! Since then, we have grown to a regional candle company with two employees offering a wide variety of services. Quite frequently, I check in with my initial purpose to ensure that the busy of business doesn't led me astray from the vision to make High Quality Handmade Products to help people Make Moments Matter. 

If you have any direct questions, reviews, or recommendations feel free to reach out to connect!

Kimberly Patchen
Founder & Sales Director 
Sincerely Candles & Company, LLC
Live in Moments that Matter