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Here's the Scoop

With Sincerely Candle Co, you can design your own scents, label, and packaging to stock your shelves with candles designed by YOU! It will be an honor to guide you in this aspect of your business.

In fact, Kimberly Michele is building a portfolio of satisfied candle customers for this service before she graduates into Licensed Aromatherapist in one year, so she is looking for 12 stores to work with this spring at beta-testing pricing. You’ll only pay $159 rather than $299 for this Private Label service which secures your meeting time with Kimberly, provides you with an array of samples to explore, and grants you the opportunity to select your own vessel and design your branded label. This is a fantastic discounted opportunity! 

You’ll also need to purchase the candles you design, and those are marked down to wholesale pricing for approximately a 50-60% return on investment with very little risk since candles always sell. 

Scent can be a powerful branding tool. Incorporating a distinctive aroma palette into a brand's environment or products can help create a unique and memorable experience for customers. 

Here are a few ways in which scent can be utilized as a branding tool:

Creating Atmosphere

Scent can be used to set the tone and atmosphere in physical spaces such as retail stores, hotels, or offices. For example, a relaxing scent in a spa or a fresh, clean scent in a retail environment can enhance the overall customer experience.

Building Emotional Connections

Scent has the ability to evoke emotions and create a sense of connection. A carefully chosen scent can help establish an emotional bond between the brand and its customers, fostering loyalty and positive associations.

Incorporating Storytelling

Scent can be used to tell a brand's story. By carefully selecting or creating a scent that aligns with the brand's narrative, companies can enhance the storytelling aspect of their branding efforts.

However, it's important to note that the effectiveness of scent as a branding tool can vary based on cultural preferences, individual sensitivities, and the context in which it is used. Additionally, it should be used thoughtfully and in a way that enhances the overall brand experience without overwhelming or alienating customers. 

This is where we come in to offer expert guidance and consultation with 15 years of experience in the aroma industry AND in the branding and marketing industry. Our continued support along the way will help you ensure you are making the best effort to make a positive impact on your customers with the aromas you choose.

People love candles! Look how many candle companies have popped up in the past decade! Sincerely Candle Co has been in this business since 2009, and stands as evidence that this product is recession proof. There’s no need to buy your melter, wax, and materials and begin trial and error, because you can borrow our expertise to create a branded candle collection incorporating a product into your brand with:

Universal Appeal:

Candles have a broad and universal appeal. They are often seen as versatile and suitable for various occasions, making them a popular choice among a wide range of consumers.


Candles are often purchased as gifts. They make thoughtful and versatile presents for birthdays, holidays, housewarmings, and other special occasions. Their aesthetic appeal and variety of scents contribute to their popularity as gifts.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Candles come in a diverse range of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. This variety allows retailers to offer a selection that caters to different tastes and home decor styles, appealing to a broader customer base.

Scent Options:

Scented candles, in particular, have gained popularity. Different scents can evoke various moods and emotions, allowing consumers to choose candles that align with their preferences or the atmosphere they want to create in their homes.

Seasonal Trends:

Candles can be adapted to seasonal trends. For example, certain scents and designs may be more popular during specific seasons or holidays, providing opportunities for retailers to rotate their inventory and attract seasonal shoppers.


Candles are often priced at a range that makes them affordable purchases. This accessibility encourages customers to add them to their shopping baskets without a significant financial commitment.

Wellness and Self-Care Trends:

As the interest in wellness and self-care continues to grow, candles are often associated with creating a relaxing and comforting environment. Consumers seeking products that contribute to self-care may be drawn to candles as a simple yet effective option.

Home Decor Element:

Candles serve a dual purpose as both functional items (providing light) and decorative elements. This versatility makes them attractive to consumers looking to enhance the ambiance of their living spaces.

With us by your side, you will be an informed candle dealer with the ability to provide information to your customers about the ingredients and sustainability practices involved in your candle collection, resonating with environmentally conscious and socially aware consumers. Our aroma skills and your dreams could create a wonderful product for your business. So here’s the scoop…

What you get:

  • A private consultation with Kimberly Michele, a studying aromatherapist, to communicate the essence of your brand story. 

Scent branding is a service that large companies pay thousands of dollars for professional perfumers and aromatherapists to help them design the perfect aroma enhancing the aesthetic of their brand, targeting their ideal customer, and driving foot traffic to certain locations within the store. 

  • An in-person Private Label meeting in our studio to review the samples we have created for you and make your selections.

You will get to experience and explore the vast world of aroma, receiving several mock ups of your brand essence designed in a candle scent. With Kimberly’s guidance, questioning, and support, you will be able to make an educated and aligned selection of what scents are right for your business.

  • Wholesale candle pricing, with easy reordering on repeat, maintaining a low minimum order requirement with each order.

We are making it real easy to get started by keeping order minimums down to one case per scent for a starting package of 36 candles & 3 different scents. This is the perfect number to fill a display at your location that will attract your candle-loving customers to the display. This order quantity usually comes in at approximately $350, depending on the vessel you select. 

ALL wholesale customers SELL OUT of our products & come back for more! 

  • No commitment to reorders. No risk involved!

You can get approximately a 50-60% return on investment for your purchase. And there’s no commitment to reorder when you sell out. As part of our springtime cohort, the service fee for Private Label candles is discounted to $159. Yes, even the consultation samples are included.This discounted service is a part of my case study portfolio, so process notes and photography are a bonus as well, creating wonderful content to share with both of our followers.

  • The branding we do for your business is invaluable. Companies pay thousands for this service!

Have you been to Victoria Secret? Remember how it smells? What about Abercrombie & Fitch? How does it smell? Spencers? Journeys? Think of the places you go that have left an impression on you with their aroma. Nice aroma creates a pleasurable shopping experience. We believe the power of scent is a hidden treasure!

So let’s make some beautiful, branded candles for you!

But First…There are a few commitments we ask you to make to this process.

  1. Review our Scent Branding Service agreement outlining the terms of service. (10 min)
  2. Book your Scent Branding Meeting in our Asheboro-based Studio. (5 min)
  3. Submit the Private Label service fee of $159 to secure your meeting time. (5 min)
  4. Attend the Scent Branding Meeting at Sincerely Scent Studio where you will: (1 hour)
  5. Explore the sample scents we create for you & make your selections.
  6. Review vessel & pricing options for your store candle order. 
  7. Pay wholesale for your candles.. (~$275-~$579 depending on quantity)
  8. Meet for Candle Delivery Day at your business. (20 min)
  9. Delivery is made by us and is free of charge within our current sales region.

Let's begin...

If this calls to you, let’s begin work to captivate your brand essence into a candle, so you can offer even more value to your customers with a custom product designed by you & handmade for quality right here in NC!