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Meditation Candle & Palm Stone

Meditation Candle & Palm Stone

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These little badass candles burn twice as long as you think. 🕯

Using a recycled glass vessel, a soy paraffin wax blend, 100% cotton wick, and a quality scented oil, I've curated & blended 4 scents to use as a meditation candle!

👉 Lavender
👉 Basil & Cucumber
👉 Lemongrass
👉 Honeysuckle

They're handmade with care and filled with the intention of clarity during meditative reflection. 🙏

Accompanied by a palm sized gemstone of your choosing from the following options:

💎 Rutilated Quartz
💎 Pink Agate
💎 Dumortierite

Notes on the energetics of these stones as well as the scent that you choose are also in the package.✨️

Order 6 for FREE shipping. 📦

Get one while they are here 🌟

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