Finding Balance: Nurturing Growth While Staying True to My Values

I may have never truly expressed that Summertime is for dreaming and exercising resilience around here! πŸ™Œ This is mostly a seasonal business despite the fact that I spend time and money to keep it open and active all year long.

For the past three years since revamping this business in 2019, I have created a NEW product collection every summer! 🌟 For the first year yet, I will not be doing that! Dreams are taking a turn for collaborations and geographic expansion. 

Sincerely Candle Collections feel complete. 😌 You will see a vessel change for the Tropical Daydream Collection (currently off-site), and I will likely add a thing here or there to the newest Home Spa Collection, but overall we're GOLDEN and ready to expand. ✨️
As much as I enjoy creating new products, the product bosses I follow encourage us to focus on our best sellers and expand there. I met the owner of Element Tree in Asheville, and my eyes were opened to a potential pathway that I thought I didn't want.

Through the entire duration of this business, I've been struggling with the values behind consumerism, wholesaling, and mass production. I never really wanted to get bigger. I'm happy hand pouring candles for the people I meet with the direct intention in the candle to help make moments memorable.Β 

I'm beginning to see how I'm inhibiting the growth of this company by bullying up against cultural values that I can not change. I deserve a chance to allow my values to shine through in a bigger way. I know just how to do that and exactly how to get there. 🌟
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